Tutorial vom 25.02.2016

David Evans
by David Evans

Tips to ensure Stories get done, and done right.


User Stories are a ubiquitous practice on agile teams, but their simple style can lead to bad habits and dysfunctions, especially when it comes to successfully implementing and testing to prove a story is Done.

This practical tutorial addresses a number of challenges that agile teams face when working with Stories. We will explore a range of useful tips and techniques that will help you regain control of your backlog and allow you to create stories that are expressive, concise, valuable and testable.

We will explore the essential elements of Stories, offer alternatives to the over-used templates and phrases, and focus on what information needs to be included in stories to ensure they are testable and that the whole team understands the definition of done.

Topics covered include:

  • Better ways to Write Stories
  • Naming, Structure and Writing Style
  • Acceptance Criteria, Examples & Tests
  • Story Maps: Preserving the Big Picture
  • Splitting and Slicing Large Stories
  • Stories and Specifications: Understanding the differences

The tutorial contains a number of practical exercises to support the Content.